Arabian Scientific Consultancy Center

Arabian Scientific Consultancy Center, the first in Kuwait, aims at providing security protection for Scientific Consultancy for both individuals and institutions through a mechanism of active dynamics that keep up with modern rhythm, and are based on distinguished field experience and academic studies. ASCC provides the entire scientific consultancy to Hospitals & Medical Laboratories, Genetic Laboratory advice starting from the building complex to the architectural & through the development of the hospital work. In the Oil Industrial Sector, ASCC can provide the Scientific consultancy to the refineries, fire protection, analysis & environment safety.


ASCC undertakes process and compliance audits, studies and technical investigations and writing advisory reports related to top cases circulating within the courts. This is supported by the provision of professional commentary on medical and technical reports issued by the full spectrum of competent authorities.These include:

Who Can Benefit

The main beneficiaries of our professional consultancy, development and training services embrace a wide spectrum of public and private sector organisations. These include: